Bàuistella, a constructive experimentation festival

A whole host of new activities is planned for the Ecomusée’s new Living in the 21st-century section. The idea is for the section to gradually expand through the seasons and present an ever-changing face. This is what gave rise to the festival of experiments in architecture, organised in partnership with the ForMaRev partnership.

Aims of the festival

The festival sets out to present thought-provoking architecture, which the Écomusée d’Alsace will use to create a dialogue between buildings of the past and the present. The Ecomusée will therefore not be just aiming to preserve buildings, but also to play the role of an experimental laboratory and awaken new ideas.

Bàuistella will also provide a platform for bringing together designers, architects, schools, institutions and businesses, to mention just a few, to work together on developing and tailoring building, quality-of-life and the way we co-exist, to the changes our society is undergoing.

The festival is intended to become a permanent fixture over the coming years in the Ecomusée, but with a new theme for discussion and new buildings every year.

Festival organisation

The Écomusée d’Alsace’s experimental building festival will kick off in late 2016, with a call for participation to architects, business people and schools, among others.

Participants will be asked to tackle environmental, technical, economic and social issues which have marked the beginning of the 21st-century, with a particular focus on sustainable development in construction (building material and its use, transport, etc.). They will need to come up with projects which fit in with the theme for the year, projects which interrogate traditional construction cultures, leading to contemporary solutions which take a hard look at current and future lifestyles.

The winning teams will be invited to build their project within the museum, with a start date of 10 June 2017.

2017 theme

The theme of the first Bàuistella will be Assemblable and disassemblable architecture. Part of the theme harks back to traditional architecture, where traditional half-timbered Alsatian houses could easily be disassembled and then moved.

Three innovative, inhabitable structures will be built by July 2017, after a 4- to 6-week construction phase, which people will be able to observe and then also discuss the projects with the teams. The completion of the constructions will be celebrated by a series of on-site activities.

Taking part in the festival

The competition is open to anyone (professionals, students and amateurs) with design and/or building skills and who wishes to apply them within a team.

To register, each team first of all needs to draw up and submit an application as proof of their participation. The Écomusée d’Alsace will then give them a “team code”, which means that each team’s submission to the jury will be anonymous.

Download the competition handbook and instructions

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