Houses and objects

The ’Écomusée d’Alsace’ offers people of all ages the chance to explore the Alsatian heritage, in all its forms. The houses are the first things visitors see when they walk into the village.

The buildings in the museum

Over 70 houses

The Écomusée contains 75 traditional buildings, from all over Alsace, including houses, farmhouses and craftsmen’s studios and workshops. The museum is a showcase for the Alsatian architectural heritage and building techniques.

Every building in the museum was originally earmarked for demolition. Selection of the buildings depended on a range of factors, including geography, architecture, social utility and the relative importance of preserving the building.

Each of these buildings serves a specific purpose in the museum and they include a school, workshops and an apiary. Some of them have seen their role change and are used, for example, as reception rooms, eating places and offices.

The site has steadily grown since its earliest days and although its form is that of a village, it could not actually be called one. It features, for example, a chapel, a train station and a sawmill, while each street has its own name.

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40,000 objects donated by Alsatians

The houses in the Écomusée d’Alsace can be presented to you in the way they are thanks to donations by the people of Alsace. The museum collection also includes many objects from everyday life, including wardrobes, tools and agricultural machinery – in all a total of some 40,000 objects dating from the early 19th century up to the 1950s. These objects are typical of Alsatian rural society and they mirror the profound changes our region underwent between 1850 and 1950, such as the onset of industrialisation

The museum of outsider art (musée André Bindler, named after the eponymous artist, who was born in the 1920s) a small museum located in the village, is also part of the Écomusée d’Alsace.

One of the aims of the site is to preserve these objects. They represent the heritage of Alsace as a whole, a cultural heritage which is a standard bearer for its cultural identity.

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