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Memories of War

Memories of War


In partnership with Soldats d’hier and Alsacemilitaria, the Écomusée d'Alsace invites you to experience one of the most important episodes of the Second World War in Alsace – the fighting along the Rhine. This historical reconstruction shows how Allied soldiers fought the German mountain troops and shows you the life they lived in their camps and how they built their barricades. You’ll also be able to see military vehicles of the period, along with everyday artefacts, documents and uniforms. It’s an exciting opportunity to find out about the fighting on the Rhine, and to share your experience between generations and nationalities.

Certain scenes or re-enactment images may offend visitors' sensibilities. To ensure the authenticity of the re-enactment, only extras are allowed to wear military costume. The museum reserves the right to refuse anyone wearing inappropriate clothing.


Infos & réservation Adresse
Chemin du Grosswald
68190 Ungersheim

Mail : info@ecomusee.alsace
Tel : 03 89 74 44 74


Adult (18 years and over): 16,50 € | Child (4-17 years): 11 € | Child ( - 4 years): free

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