Treasure hunt – The apple maze


Jeu de piste
Treasure hunt - Apple maze
HOW TREES WORK - Some trees don't lose their leaves in winter
THE ROLE OF ROOTS - How do trees drink?
WOOD - Can you calculate a tree's age?
THE ROLE OF LEAVES - Where does the tree prepare its food ?
ROLE OF THE FLOWER - What is the role of of a fruit tree flower?
THE FRUIT - THE APPLE - To make a litre of apple juice, you need
THE ROLE OF THE BEE - The bee makes
CLIMATE CHANGE - Trees are said to be
HOW TREES WORK - The tree takes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air?
THE ROLE OF THE ROOTS - What role do the roots play?
THE WOOD - What is a tree ring?
THE ROLE OF LEAVES - Why are leaves green?
ROLE OF THE FLOWER - Insects, especially bees,
THE FRUIT - THE APPLE - How many different types of apple are there in the maze?
THE ROLE OF THE BEE - On average, a bee forages on
CLIMATE CHANGE - What's one way of combating climate heating?
HOW TREES WORK - To breathe, the tree consumes
THE ROLE OF THE ROOTS - Trees communicate with each other
WOOD - How many layers of wood are formed each year?
THE ROLE OF THE LEAVES - What does the leaf make?
THE ROLE OF THE FLOWER - Flower stamens are
THE FRUIT - THE APPLE - Genetically speaking, the varieties of apples used in modern agriculture are
THE ROLE OF THE BEE - Why do bees store honeyl ?
CLIMATE CHANGE - Buying fruit and vegetables in season helps
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